Covid Procedures

We have been working from home for more than ten years and because of that, our workflow and productivity has been business-as-usual. While we do not have the opportunity to produce as many video shoots as we used to, we understand that the need still exists and we want to be there every step of the way with you. As this world we’re in evolves every day, the following is a list of protocols that we practice to avoid exposure as much as possible.

Testing is not mandatory for our crew unless requested. For productions requiring more than 4 team members, we will have an assigned COVID supervisor to check temperatures and query all staff before entering site. Should anyone have any symptoms upon arrival on site, they will be sent home and paid their full rate. Our COVID supervisor will be on site all day to assure that everyone is maintaining proper safety protocols throughout the production day. We get it, sometimes we might get lost in the creative and forget proper protocols. With a COVID Supervisor on set, she/he will make sure we’re on the up and up.

Always wear a mask and gloves while on site. Practice safe social distancing at all times.

We will operate camera, lighting, and audio from a safe distance from anyone on camera. If the client requires a monitor, we will provide a monitor to review content from a safe distance.

On set, we have assigned hardware to specific staff. We are not sharing any equipment. Any and all equipment brought on-site has been properly quarantined and/or sanitized for everyone’s protection. For any equipment that we bring with us on-site, we ask that you do not touch it. We are operating with fewer on-site production crew and because of that, our set up and breakdown schedules may be increased. While we are setting up and breaking down, we ask that proper ventilation (open doors/windows) be available.