We craft visual stories that make your audience watch again.

We strive to make every pixel count. Help create content that captivates your audience. Have fun. Continue working with amazing creative talent from every corner of the creative uni/multi/metaverse.

We are an Emmy-Award winning creative agency with a network of ridiculously talented and fun creatives. At StaticJoe, we craft visual stories that make your audience watch more than once. While our primary focus is motion graphics and post-production, we offer full service video production from concept to completion and design for social. Our core team are roaches in the creative universe. So what if we have less hair, and whatever is left might be greyer than others. We’ve been around the creative block and love to adapt and evolve our content to stay fresh for what’s next.

Bottom line, we know what captivates, and know that it’s continually evolving over time and our experience shows it. If you need a specific style, experience or talent, we have that or know someone in our network who does.

At StaticJoe, our clients are our friends, their projects are our playground and we love playgrounds - especially the dangerous old splintery wood and metal built ones - but that doesn’t fit in this analogy. Whether it’s a two dimensional graphic, 3D animation, app development, original video, or a mix of the four, we love uncovering compelling stories for your audience.

StaticJoe Family

Brian Jouan

Owner / Creative Director

Brian Jouan

With more than 20 years experience in production and post-production, my start in video came while I was an html web developer. Knowing very little about it, my manager tasked me to create a TV show for public access in San Diego. Shortly after, I got a job at a regional network, supporting multiple television shows and marketing campaigns. My passion for smashing together captivating storytelling with motion graphics and video started here. It’s also where I grew to love crafting captivating stories and building graphics packages for shows and sports programming.

StaticJoe started in 2010. The economy was tanking, life is short and I wasn’t getting any younger. This wasn’t really meant to be more than a part-time thing. As fortune has it, it quickly became more than a full time job and for StaticJoe to succeed, I needed help. Over the last twelve years, the projects with the best outcomes have been team-oriented. With them, I have always looked forward to crafting compelling stories in any format or medium - especially where they are least expected. At StaticJoe, I have developed content for companies large and small including Qualcomm, Red Bull, Intel, Google, MLB, GoFundMe, Oakley, and Titleist.

In my free time, I love to try and keep up with my two hilariously whacky children. And when I need to disconnect and recharge my creative batteries, I love getting lost in my organic vegetable garden.



Helen Beresford

Helen studied finance at City University in London, but striving for something more creative she gained her Master’s in Advertising from the University of Texas to reposition herself as a producer of content. Working in video production, live events, and motion graphics she has produced engaging and powerful content for leading brands across many sectors. Super organized, she ensures project needs, deadlines and deliverables are achieved on time, on budget and always to the highest standard.



Aaron Lyles

Getting his start in hospitality production, Aaron Lyles quickly cliche’d into a “hat-wearer,” taking on many successful roles as Writer, Director and Photographer across multiple industries over the last 20 years. His focus is on rich story-telling and cinematic aesthetics. He’s written, directed and filmed for the likes of Google, Qualcomm, Illumina, Plenty, Stackin’, CommonAlly and slew of Food & Beverage and Hospitality clients. He’s a true Dangatang.



Rob Torres

Robert has more than 20 years experience in various roles of production and post-production going back to the early days of unscripted TV. As an editor, he crafts captivating stories - scripted or unscripted - working with brands such as Qualcomm, Red Bull, Intel, Google, Ravensburger, Plenty Farms and more


3D Motion Graphics

Mike Griggs

Mike has been pushing pixels since 1995 in practically every area of digital Content Creation, from International Museum and Exhibition Design to High-End TV VFX and Screen Motion Graphic work. Mike joined StaticJoe in 2012 and has become the ‘Scotty’ of the company with the ability always to make sure we can go to Warp factor 10 for our clients!


2D Motion Graphics

Jason Lee

I was born in the heat and humidity of East Houston, Texas. I drew in my notebook until I hit college. I attended the University of Houston where I graduated with a BA Communications. I decided to move to California to discover green vegetables and nice weather. The absurdity of animation is what I am drawn to and where I plan to be.