Web Update – 2013/14

New company name and a perfect opportunity to update the website! More times than not, I have been a one-man band over the last 13 years. As projects come and go, I have been fortunate to work with a lot of great freelancers along the way. Over the last couple years, I have seen a growth in project volume and scopes – allowing me the chance to put together some great creative teams. It’s a phenomenal situation to be in, but also raises a couple of business-related issues from a sole proprietor’s perspective. Because of the my growing list of clients and projects, I have taken the next step to building my evil empire and have gone corporate while slightly adjusting the name. StaticJoe Creative is now StaticJoe Studio Inc.

What does this mean? I’m not quite sure. It sounds like a big deal, but I really don’t see anything changing. I’ll continue pushing my boundary of creativity on every project I work on. From an administrative side, there will be more structure to manage the non-creative portion of this company. This will ultimately free up more time for me to create!

Speaking of creating, I’ve had this blog for a couple years now. I haven’t updated it in a couple years either! That’s changing. I have a bunch of topics I can’t wait to ramble about and I have other things (sketches, fun little projects that aren’t quite portfolio pieces but worth showing off, photos, etc.). Blogging is supposed to be a fun thing, right?

Thanks for visiting the new staticjoe.com! Please stop by often!

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