Use a Pen

11-0520One of the purposes of this blog is to share things I’ve learned on my road to being self employed. As part of my mission to keep a blog going, I’ve carried a small notepad with me everywhere for the last three or four years. Any time I’d learn a business lesson, be it the easy or hard way, I’d jot a note down. How did I figure out how to take the leap into freelancing? How do I approach creative blocks? Do I want onions with my sandwich before an important meeting? My goal was to bank at least 50 topics/lessons ahead of starting a blog (thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk for the idea). I blew through that number.

Unfortunately, there was a very tough lesson I learned about this exercise and it really helped shape a part of who I am as a self employed person today:

Be convicted with your ideas enough to make them permanent.

I had a lot great reminders in this notepad to help me address business situations, all of them written in pencil. I only used pencil because I liked the subtle aesthetic of pencil on paper. The painful disadvantage of pencil is how easy these notes washed away in a washing machine after forgetting to pull the notepad out of my pocket before laundry day. Years of notes. Clean paper.

Lesson learned. Use a pen.

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