New Work – Qualcomm GLONASS

I’m pretty excited to share the latest project online. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processor has a pretty cool feature that can access a 2nd network of geo-locating satellites known as GLONASS. In America (and probably everywhere else in the world), there’s GPS – which refers to a network of satellites. GLONASS is another set of (Russian) satellites that Snapdragon processors have the ability to access. Having two sets of satellites helps improve location accuracy, speed, and save battery life.

The concept for the video was derived from that fun little pin art/impression toy that makes impressions of whatever you put to it. It’s a fun, adaptable toy (that can kill a lot of time in the office) and I felt that this would be a good representation of how this technology helps you no matter what the terrain around us is.

Figuring this one out truly challenged me in the best way possible. I learned a lot and am thankful for the team that came together for this project. Seriously, it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved and the patience from my wife and family.


Client: Qualcomm
– Executive Producer: Steve Sanders

Concept: StaticJoe Studio
– Director/Producer: Brian Jouan
– Associate Producer: Eileen Walgren
– Production Assistant: Anna Buzaitis

– Director: Steve Sanders, Brian Kim
– Director of Photography: Jorge Corrales
– Key Grip: Sean Hunter
– Lighting: Michael Kantrowitz
– DIT: Jeremy Sykes
– Production Assistant: John O’Brien

– Editor/Compositor: Brian Jouan
– 3D Artists/Animators: Brian Jouan, Birgar Olsen, Kevin Gabriel, Joachim Paul

– Composer: Michael Raymond Russell
– Sound Design: Mark Dockery

Special Thanks:
– Vincent Perry

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