making the cut

Determining what should and shouldn’t make the cut for a portfolio site was tough. Maybe I have a few projects published that aren’t my greatest work, and maybe there are some projects that aren’t published that should have been. Nick Campbell has a great resource for cutting a demo reel. But what about a full portfolio site?

Here are a couple things that I stuck with to figure out what I posted.

  • Don’t complicate it. If you can’t organize your work into three or four categories, consider trimming your content down.
  • Have purpose for each project post.┬áIf you didn’t have fun the first time, don’t ask for it again. Maybe you have a great looking project but you were completely miserable creating it. Don’t post it.
  • Get opinions. Ask your industry contacts for constructive criticism.

It’s not easy. It shouldn’t be easy. You want to have your best work posted. You want the omissions to be painful. At that point, you’ll have the best of your best work.

Below are a couple commercials that didn’t make the cut. These were two, two-part 15-second commercials I produced for Corky’s Pest Control in San Diego. I LOVED working on these spots and got to work with my sister, Mandy Jouan, to illustrate a couple characters. I also got to work with my good friend Brian Kim to help out with the animation. Although it would have been a blast to continue building this campaign for Corky’s, I just don’t think it fit with what I ultimately want to be creating.

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