welcome to 2003

It’s 2011 but it definitely feels like 2003 with this! After years of wanting to blog, I’ve finally done it. First, welcome to the new staticjoe.com! Over the last couple years, I’ve felt as though the “staticjoe” entity has been going through a bit of an identity crisis. What is staticjoe? Is it a nickname? A production company? A horrible brand for a company that provides animation services?

Yep. It’s all that.

StaticJoe Studio is the office of Brian Jouan. I am a small production company with a focus on design and animation. As you might notice, aside from my involvement on each project, it’s a little hard to see a common thread between all the work on my site. Whether it’s an action figure design, a Times Square animated billboard, or a commercial for the best commercial real estate company in San Diego, I love to be a part of great projects.

It’s going to take a while to find my voice with this blog. I’ll post case studies, projects that painfully didn’t make the cut on my site, personal photos, or just my rambling on things I’ve learned about running my own business. Stick around and tell me how I can make it better.

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